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I Am Excited About My New Apartment

When I started looking at luxury apartments in Tallahassee, I was mostly looking for a one bedroom unit. I sometimes have company over, but there are never any overnight guests, so I knew that I would not need to have a second bedroom for a guest room. I thought that I would find a nice one bedroom, one bathroom apartment that would be nice for me, but I found something even better. When I started looking at Parkway Square apartments, I was really happy with everything that I saw on their website.

The pictures of the grounds and buildings are really nice, and I liked seeing all that they offer in the way of amenities for anyone who resides there. After determining that I would like to live there, I then went to look at the apartments. I was happy to see that there are several floor plans for one bedroom units, and I did like them. (more…)

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The First Apartment Where I Can See Us Renewing Our Lease Next Year

My work was asking me to relocate to another office. I grew up in a rural area and lived a long time in the city. I prefer suburbs and rural area living to the hustle and bustle of the city. However, I have to be where the work is at. I do not like long commutes to work either. My wife and I were looking to put away more money for retirement, so we were looking at apartments in Hattiesburg MS to find something close to work but more affordable than city apartments. There was no way I wanted to live in any more city dwellings.

I longed to have a place close to a lake, but a place that would still have a swimming pool. My wife found it when she was looking for apartments in Hattiesburg MS. We toured a nice apartment with all new black appliances. (more…)

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A Realtor Who Met All of My Demands

My husband was concerned about me when I told him I wanted to find a realtor in Denver CO. We had been talking about looking at houses for a while, but neither one of us had taken the next step to do that. The reason he was concerned was because he knows how picky I can be. He told me that he honestly was not sure if we would be able to find a real estate agent that wanted to put up with me. That might seem offensive to some, but I understood where he was coming from because I can admit that I am stubborn when it comes to what I want.

I told him that I would go easy on a realtor and give the reins over to him if I was not able to find satisfaction within a couple of weeks. (more…)

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My Own Little Piece of Paradise

When I looked at apartments for rent in Raleigh, I thought it was going to take me a while to find the right one. I can be quite picky, but it took me just a fraction of the time that I was expecting it to take. When I saw the apartments available at Midtown Crossing, I was hooked just from seeing the pictures. What I really liked about these apartments is the setting that they are in. There are so many trees surrounding them, making it seem like it is in a rural setting rather than in an area where I can be at most places I would need to be within just minutes.

Having a setting that was the best of both worlds was just the beginning of all that this apartment complex has to offer though. It is just me, so I only needed a one bedroom apartment with one bathroom. (more…)

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Hiring Someone Outside to Do the Work

There are a lot of law firms that want to outsource their transcription needs because of the cost of doing it themselves. Having to hire a person to do all of that typing and filing can create an unnecessary money drain for a law firm. There’s also the added cost of having to pay for paper and ink for the transcriptions. The law firm where I work had to deal with these costs, and we made the decision to move to something a little more cost effective. We contacted a company that does transcription work and let go of our transcriber.

The company does a pretty good job of transcription and they do it in a timely manner. We haven’t had an error from them once. (more…)

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I Felt at Home Immediately with This New Place That I Moved into

When my husband and I divorced, I knew that we would need to sell the house that we shared. The house was okay, and I have to say that after living in it for a year, I was not really happy with it. It was his house before we married, and it was everything that a man would want. He did not have a way to buy out my share, so we sold it. I then needed to get a place of my own. When I found a place on a website at a couple of months ago, I knew that I had found home.

I was originally not very enthused about needing to be a rent again. (more…)

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When You Need a Pest Control Professional

The average household bug can come in all shapes and sizes. Every infestation is different. From ants to bats, pests can habitat each nook, cranny, crawl space and crack within a home. Surprisingly, they can even thrive in conditions you wouldn’t think possible. Of all infestations that we have to deal with the worst possible pest would have to be termites. Effective termite control in New York City can be considered a common need; there’s simply no getting rid of termites as a whole. The best we can do is mitigate the damage as it appears. Calling a local pest control specialist is the only option once an infestation has been discovered. By then, they could have colonized much of the house. Soft wood is a favorite of these nasty bugs who will quickly chew through an entire floor within months if they’re not discovered soon. (more…)

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Great Look for Kids Rooms is Stunning Shaggy Rugs

I found something great for kids rooms. It turns out, after I bought them, they are great for other areas of the house too. What am I talking about? I am talking about stunning shaggy rugs. They are available at a cool website that has all kinds of rugs that come in all shapes and sizes. The shaggy rugs feel so soft. I like them a whole lot. I thought that the kids would be the only ones that would enjoy them. They are fuzzy soft and great to lie down on or sit on. When I put the second one in our daughter’s room, I actually fell asleep for a bit when I was trying out how comfy they feel.

We decided to get a bigger one for the living room. These stunning shaggy rugs are no more difficult to care for than regular rugs. Just adjust your sweeper before running it on them so it does not bog down. That only takes a second. Some vacuums do it automatically. We really like the look and feel of these shaggy rugs. The colors that are available are brilliant. They look very good and feel even better. (more…)

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Cosplay in New York City!

If you had been in Nyc this weekend, you may have seen Link in Zelda on the metro at McDonalds or Sailor Moon. Perhaps Twitter feeds or your Instagram flooded. Some of them wear cosplay costumes purchased from while the others make themselves.

Certainly by now you have heard the word cosplay but does one actually understand how much the avocation prices, or what it is?

The people that partake in cosplay, cosplayers, dress as their favourite characters from anime, video games, comic books, manga, films, and television.

The gang and Batman showed up, sans Ben Affleck.Business Insider/Melia Robinson

The greatest supported origin story online says that Nov Takahashi, writer and creator for the anime publishing company Studio Tough, was sent to La to cover the World-Fan Convention science fiction convention. He was impressed by the devotees’ costumes and the complex displays at the masquerade, and he coined the term when he returned to Japan.

Cosplay is a favourite rite of Comic Con attendees, which weekend in The Big Apple today, the fans came out in droves.

The costumes change considerably in intensity. Some crafty cosplayers get props they possess and repurpose and resourceful clothes. You can find a Mockingjay pin replica and use brown eye shadow for grime and soil smears.

Nycc comic con z

Her Dragonball Z cosplay likely cost more compared to polyester variant accessible online for $21.Business Insider/Melia Robinson

Other cosplayers may select to buy their costumes like Cosplay or Milanoo House, from a web-based store. To $197 for a black latex catsuit, costs range on Milanoo.

For people who desire to go beyond and above and create something totally unique, costumes can be commissioned by them from specialists, many of whom run their companies on Etsy. You send a description of what you need, images of the character for any unique customization requests, your measurements, and clarity.

On earth of cosplay, you often must decide between three conditions: “Time, quality, or cash. presentation. “If you need it to be well made, it is going to take some time and it is going to set you back.”

Lindsey Celak, who headed the panel as Sexy Indiana Jones, described a “sticker shock” encounter several years ago when she needed to be Giselle, of Disney’s animated film “Enchanted.” She requested a price quote from a commissioner—asking for unique, high quality materials and hand-embroidered blooms— found it’d cost $850 and.

“If you are choosing truth [of the character], you are going to purchase it,” Celak said. “Close enough normally suffices.”

For cosplayers, the encounter is almost always worth the anxiety of dropping the cash and picking a costume. It is a chance to be otherworldly creature, princess, or a hero.

“It requires guts to put on a costume and go into people,” Tissera said. “But we are observing the characters that we love and adopting our fandom.”

The Essential Mold to Make the Perfect Bath Bombs


Bath bomb molds are what are used to make bath bombs. No, these are not harmful bombs but therapeutic bombs that you put in your bath to help you unwind and relax after a long stressful day at work.


Ingredients in a bath bomb


It is a mixture of solid ingredients that will dissolve in your bath to add fizzing bubbles, a wonderful scent, and color. Two common ingredients that are found in bath booms are baking soda, which is what will typically produce the fizzing bubbles and citric acid. The fizzing bubbles occur when the water and baking soda come in contact. To provide the unique scent makers of bath bombs will add essential oils like rose, lavender, or vanilla. They may also add moisturizers like vitamin E oil or cocoa butter. Most of these that you see are round and about the size of a little ball but you can also get them in other sizes and shapes like cupcakes, hearts, and more.


How to use them


When you use a bath bomb it will give you a very unusual experience because it will interact with your bath water to create an effervescent tingling on contact with your skin. You will step out of your bath with softer skin and feel revitalized. If they are a small bath bomb you can usually just toss it into your bath water but if it is a large bath bomb you can break it into smaller pieces so you can use it for several baths.


These make a wonderful gift for a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas. One important thing to remember when giving as a gift is that the first thing that you need to look at is the ingredient list to make sure that there is nothing in the bath bomb the recipient is allergic too. If you are a crafter of bath bombs there are several different shapes and sizes of bath bomb molds that you can use. If you make them to sell at craft fairs or online it is best to have a variety to offer your customers. Most bath bomb molds will make fizzies or snowballs, have a front and back that snap together to make the shape and usually made of plastic but some are made of metal. Some of the different bath bomb molds you can utilize include:


  • 3-D circle—these will create four to six ounce bath bombs but the actual size will depend on how tight you pack the mold and the recipe.
  • 3-D heart—when using this mold you will need to remove the bath bombs once it is formed and taken out to cure. The bath bomb heart measure 60 millimeters in diameter
  • Scoopers for bath fizzies—these come in two sizes. The mini will hold .75 ounces of ingredients and makes a 1.25 inch ball and the regular size will hold 2.05 ounces of ingredients and makes a 1.75 inch ball. They can also be used to make round bath fizzies, soap balls, and bath truffles in addition to bath bombs.

A great source for more recipes:

I Am over in Turkey

It was a pretty good trip for me, I accomplished nearly all of the things that they sent me over there to do. Of course I managed to take a few days off at a beach resort on Turkey’s Adriatic coastand I found some pretty good surfing at this one place a friend of mine told me about. Turkey is an interesting country in fact, there are countless different cultures over there it is not something which is easily navigated by a foreigner. I bought some toll tokens at The guy at the counter and I were not really communicating, but he kept laughing at me when I asked him about it. (more…)